Sugar Poem

The lesson was about how plants make their food and photosynthesis.  They use CO2 and H to make sugars.   This led to Teo writing a poem about sugar.  (gotta love home schooling RPM style!)

S  Sugar is so sweet.

U  Utter the word and I drool.

G  Gonna eat some candy .

A  And if you give me sugar

R  Really, I will die!

Poem for best friend Ethan

Here’s the acrostic poem Teo wrote for his best friend, Ethan, on his birthday.  We made it into a birthday card for him.

E  Ethan is my best friend.

T  Teo and Ethan energy same, yes.

H  Happy love these boys give to others.

A  Anyone too lucky to be Ethan’s friend.

N  Now Ethan rescues me as my best friend.

Best friend Ethan, Happy Birthday.

Love, Matteo

Conversation in Bolinas w Uncle Chris

We were going to have a debate between Uncle Chris and Matteo, but it turned into a short conversation instead. The topic:  Do Americans Work Too Long and Hard?”

Teo:  Yes.  I think too much emphasis is placed on making money in this country.

Chris:  Understanding money allowed us to buy this house, is it bad to work hard for it?

Teo:  No.  My dad is working now instead of being here with us right now.  Next time we come here, I want him to be here.

Chris:  So, next time you’ll have to break all his golf clubs in half!

Teo:  Yes.  I will do that and blame it on you!

Love it!  I love the playful banter and sense of humor that is oozing out of our son!!!

Cousin Freddie

We love hanging out with our dear relatives in Bolinas!  This summer, Teo got to spend lots of time with cousin Freddie (we missed cousin Shamari, as she was at camp on Coronodo Island).  Anyway, I laughed so hard one night as we were having dinner in Bolinas, Freddie was being very entertaining and Teo spells on his board…”Frederick often likens a madman.”  LOVE THIS!!

Have you “likened” anything lately?

Teo’s Study Topic Requests

We asked Teo if there were any current event topics he’d like to study.

T:  How windmills work.

T:  I want to learn more about a couple of social issues.  Standing up for gay marriage and also, the Isreal conflict from a Christian perspective.

Q: Why is gay marriage interesting to you?

T:  Because having love is imperative to loving yourself.

Q:  How do you even know about this issue since we don’t watch the news?

T:  I heard while good men talked about it in a restaurant.

Q:  Were they gay men?

T:  Yes

Q:  Were they married?

T:  Yes.  But their friends couldn’t get married.

Bolinas Poems

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  Where did the summer go?   Was there really a month of August?  Anyway, I’ll try to bring you up do date with the latest “Teo-isms” and antics over the next few days.  Let’s start with the acrostic poems Teo wrote as “thank you” notes to my sister and brother-in-law for letting us stay with them in Bolinas so Teo could attend camp.  Also, he made one for his cousin, Frederick, who accompanied him to camp.

B  Bolinas just calms me.

O  Opens me up so I can give.

L  Love you people, my family.

I  I am happy right here.

N  Now I move here.

A  Are you really good?

S  Seeds of love are planted.

F  Freddie is my dear cousin.

R  Raindrop, life descends.

E  Energy decides to be happy.

D  Dance in the rain.

D  Don’t forget I love you.

I  I am your little groupie.

E  Energy is right for love.

Lesson on the White City in Honduras with Mom


Do you know what folklore is?


What are some artifacts that may be found?


What is a looter?


What are three words you associate with “flying?”



CLAIRE (we went to the airport to pick up Claire when she flew in from Chicago)

How would you define “plaza?”


Later, cousin Frederick (16) was being goofy and running around the house and tickle tackling Teo. I asked what Teo thought of his cousin and he spelled,


Everyone agreed that Matteo perfectly described Freddy, at which he continued to “liken a madman.”