Aura Colors in Mn

People were asking Teo what color their aura’s were (Teo sees aura colors).

“Papa’s aura is a blue/green and Wally’s aura is pink.”

“Pink aura means Wally is a kind man who loves to make others feel happy.  Papa’s aura color means he really likes to teach and love.”

Wow…they were both very descriptive of Papa and Wally!

Wally and Sandy are Teo’s MN godparents.  Teo had a nice conversation with Sandy.

T:  How is life with Wally?

Sandy:  Great!  We laugh a lot.  He’s a good man.

T:  I think you two should come to our house.

Papa:  What would Wally like to do with your dad?

T:  Really!  Golf.  Sandy, are you like a best friend?

Mom:  What do you think makes Sandy one of Mom’s best friends?

T:  She is a best friend because she loves Mom and me, too.