Acrostic Poetry from 2015

June 18, 2015

Poetry by Teo

Acrostic Poem

(Where the first letters of each line spell out a word, vertically)

Teo chose the word HAPPY.

H   Hello there, think Sara.

A   Are you getting energy?

P   People are not energy-wise.

P   Pleasing to us is energy that is love, understand?

Y   Yell it from the mountaintop!

Haiku Poem

(line 1=5 syllables, line 2=7 syllables, line 3=5 syllables)


I love son Teo

He brings light and love to us.

We are blessed parents.


Kisses are here now.

All of you get some kisses.

Love you Mom and Dad.


(Usually begins with, “There once was a…lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme w/ each other)


There once was a boy named Matteo

Who ate French fries made of potato.

He ate them all up

Then drank from his cup

Then wanted more lessons on Plato.


There once was a little boy named Teo

Who at history ate a tomato.

Yesterday because

Energy it was,

So that energy changed his day-o.

To Dad for Father’s Day…

Dad Loves Me

There once was you in energy

Some played golf in scenery.

I know you so well

A likening I shall

Energy for golf has Dad, likely.

Love you,


Lyric Poem

(expresses personal/emotional feelings.  Every two lines rhyme.  It can be any length)


The air was fresh and clear

We went not far from here.

The ocean with its roaring

The seagulls with their soaring.

The people with their love

Could only come from above.

We are so very blessed

To have love, peace and rest.


Ask me not about food

Goodness takes such bood.

Mom is more than time

She hasn’t got a dime.

All Rowland has is helping

A great deal is yelping.

Among us is a happy boy

And in us is more joy.

Hope is all I have now

Mom is happy crow now.

Money has Team Teo taken

And given to make him.

Love is not beckoning

Love is already happening.

Love happens when a life is changed

Kissed from a dear God arranged.

Kept,  a life has formed again

Love is a blessing, love never ends.

Acrostic Poem about Claire

To Claire, Love Matteo

Called life in California now.

L  Like all nights in houses are helping

(later, Teo added, “Now the interesting thing is that Claire shows a helping energy)

A  A love for autistics shines through you.

I   I am happy I know you.

R  Remember Mom and notice energy.

E  Even in times of sadness, God is with us.  Open the people to this.

Acrostic Poem about Sara
S  Sara is a lovely girl.

A  Ask me story about Sara.

R  Reality about Sara is fun goddess.

A  Around me please for a long time.

Bellowing Waters

Feb. 9, 2016

Bellowing Waters                       By Matteo

Inspired by our hike to Murray Canyon in Palm Springs, CA. As we sat resting at the waterfall (see pic below), Matteo was inspired…


Bellowed the waterfall to the stream,

Understand that we are one and the same.

Different forms we take

But of the same energy made.

Now you flow as gently as a newborn baby sleeps,

Down to the valley to nourish life itself.

Will you have the power to kiss all those in need?

I am here for you in strength and plenty

If you will only call on me for help.

I am the source of your abundance

And the way to end the thirst of the world.



Mother’s Day Poem

5/5/16     Mother’s Day Prayer/Poem



By Matteo 


Mom’s are beautiful, God’s gift to kids

With all they are, life to us they give.

So many times we tire them out

Their love remains without a doubt.


Some moms are funny and some serene,

Some play real hard and others clean.

Mom’s care for us as best they can

While learning themselves from Christ, as man.


Love comes to us in many forms

The way it’s given through all life’s storms

Depends upon our unique needs

God planted in us as little seeds.


God’s love delivered through their care

Radiant and hopeful strength they share.


I thank you God, Mom’s love resounds

Embodied so your love abounds.


Snowman Poetry

Snowman poetry is a 2 stanza paragraph.  The first tells us who (or what, often an inanimate object) and where.  The second has the object personified and talking, then answering the question.

Brainstorming for topics:  He chose Lenae (RPM teacher), girls, otters, guns and hammers as possible topics.


Guns in the army

What is your problem?

Do you hate German friends?

Can you make war stop?

Don’t cry silly boy,

I am not the problem.

I am not the enemy.

I am the tool used by good and evil.

Then Teo needed to be a self-critic and critique his writing…positive criticism and how he can improve the poem.

“It is deep in thought.  I am liking the topic for politics.”

Extra Poetry!


I saw a pretty girl

And stopped to say “hello”

Then she said “hi,”

I am happy you stopped by!


M  Mom says, “Get up.”

O  Out of bed

R  Really

N  Now, you Sleepyhead!

I  I am happy to see you.

N  Not so soon energy

G  Good night, Teo  (not really done sleeping!)

Sugar Poem

The lesson was about how plants make their food and photosynthesis.  They use CO2 and H to make sugars.   This led to Teo writing a poem about sugar.  (gotta love home schooling RPM style!)

S  Sugar is so sweet.

U  Utter the word and I drool.

G  Gonna eat some candy .

A  And if you give me sugar

R  Really, I will die!

Poem for best friend Ethan

Here’s the acrostic poem Teo wrote for his best friend, Ethan, on his birthday.  We made it into a birthday card for him.

E  Ethan is my best friend.

T  Teo and Ethan energy same, yes.

H  Happy love these boys give to others.

A  Anyone too lucky to be Ethan’s friend.

N  Now Ethan rescues me as my best friend.

Best friend Ethan, Happy Birthday.

Love, Matteo