Andre Bocelli Concert! PLEASE READ!

FullSizeRender (1)T:  I’d like to say that looking at people last night was so fun.  I enjoyed the concert so much last night.

Mom:  What was your favorite part?

T:  Much about it was best.  Having a date with Mom all dressed up was special.  All the singers and musicians were so talented.  The choir was neat hidden back there.

( I must add the quick conversation we had yesterday morning…T:  Mom, are we going to a concert tonight?  Mom:  Yes, to hear Andre Bocelli!  T:  Does that mean we get to go out for dinner beforehand?  I’d like to take you to dinner with my allowance money.”  Needless to say, I had the most beautiful dinner of my life with my 12 year old dinner date.)

Mom:  If you were a music critic, what would you say about the concert last night?

T:  “Last night I heard something extraordinary in Andre Bocelli.  Love flowed out of one of God’s most beautifully created instruments…Andre’s angelic voice.  A strong representation of how God’s gifts can be used to transform the soul were displayed all evening.  Andre Bocelli exemplifies graciousness to God, kindness through demeanor and reverence of heart.

As a pre-verbal autistic 12 year old boy, I admire the way this man adjusted to life, not succumbing to any limitations that blindness may present, but nurturing God’s gifts in his other senses.  He has reminded me to nurture my strengths while living in a society not yet equipped to totally accept autistics.  Nurturing God’s gifts can change world-wide perceptions, even more so when used by those who climb higher mountains.

Thank you Mr. Bocelli, for nurturing my soul with your music and inspiring me to climb to the highest mountaintop singing my own song of acceptance for autistics.”

God Bless you,



Old Braud conversation with Ruth Wedge

After Teo’s Round Table discussion at church in MN, special friends came over to my parents house for lunch.  Ruth Wedge (college roommate Anne’s mother) sits down in front of Teo and says,

” Teo, I’m an old braud. What do you think that means?”

T:  Yes.  Energy has accumulated for a long time.

Ruth”  For how many years has this energy been accumulating, do you think?

T: For a lot of years that I’d rather not guess.

Mom:  Kiah would like to come out next summer.  What would she do?

T:  She could drive me around to all my speaking engagements!

Anne and Jeff’s House in Mn

We were in Zumbrota, MN visiting my college roommate Anne, and her family.  Her husband, Jeff (really called, “Effy”) spent the day with Teo in his woodshop.  They made a gorgeous keepsake box!  It was such a special afternoon.  Teo learned a lot, was fascinated by all the machinery and Jeff’s skills both as a wood craftsman and as a teacher.  Then, we were sitting around talking about Teo’s upcoming talk at the church in which I was raised.  Teo was going to have a round-table discussion, so this is the brainstorming session about topics for that discussion…

Q:  What should we talk about at church?

T:  I think a topic of God would be appropriate.

Q:  What do you want your opening statement to be?

T:  To acknowledge that God rests in us.

Q:  Now what…define autism?

T:  Yes.  Autism is not a neurological condition but rather a spiritual energy.

Anne:   When are you going to write your book?

T:  I am deciding how much to reveal right now.

Anne:  Hey Matteo, you’re amazing and I’ve always known that.

T:  Good Anne.  Please keep it up.

Mom:   Can you see why I had fun living with Anne for 3 years?

T:  Kind of silly times, I’d imagine.

T:  God is kind of like spiritual energy on steroids.  To add to this, kind of like you, Mom, not like staying stagnant.  God is always moving and shaking things up.

Mom:  Are you saying that I do that?

T:  Yes.  I am you.  All the reasons I am like I am revolve around you.

Mom:  Why are you giving me so much credit?

T:  Christ gave me to you.

Anne:  What would you like the people at church to know about you?

Aura Colors in Mn

People were asking Teo what color their aura’s were (Teo sees aura colors).

“Papa’s aura is a blue/green and Wally’s aura is pink.”

“Pink aura means Wally is a kind man who loves to make others feel happy.  Papa’s aura color means he really likes to teach and love.”

Wow…they were both very descriptive of Papa and Wally!

Wally and Sandy are Teo’s MN godparents.  Teo had a nice conversation with Sandy.

T:  How is life with Wally?

Sandy:  Great!  We laugh a lot.  He’s a good man.

T:  I think you two should come to our house.

Papa:  What would Wally like to do with your dad?

T:  Really!  Golf.  Sandy, are you like a best friend?

Mom:  What do you think makes Sandy one of Mom’s best friends?

T:  She is a best friend because she loves Mom and me, too.

Airplane Ride to Mn

So, we were in the plane to MN to visit my family and I got out a word-search for Teo to do.  This book I have chooses a topic for the word search and this topic was “barbeque.”  So, I made an RPM lesson out of the word search.  The following are random answers to questions I posed during the lesson.  RPM is all about expanding the persons mind, so we ask for a lot of synonyms, definitions, or ask “what 3 things come to your mind when you think of the word _____?


Mom:  Teo, what does it mean to “marinade” something?

Teo:  Soak the meat in juice.  Change the texture of the meat.


Mom:  Speaking of “house,”  what 3 things come to mind when you think of “house”?

Teo:  sleep, help mom, rain

Mom:  Teo, what does “rare” mean?

Teo: Cooked just enough to make it safe.

Then Teo said out of the blue…”It is fun having a lesson like this.”


Mom:  What comes to mind when you think of “dinner”?

Teo:  camping, family, mom

Mom:  How about “fry”?

Teo:  frying pans, hot, stove

Conversation in Bolinas w Uncle Chris

We were going to have a debate between Uncle Chris and Matteo, but it turned into a short conversation instead. The topic:  Do Americans Work Too Long and Hard?”

Teo:  Yes.  I think too much emphasis is placed on making money in this country.

Chris:  Understanding money allowed us to buy this house, is it bad to work hard for it?

Teo:  No.  My dad is working now instead of being here with us right now.  Next time we come here, I want him to be here.

Chris:  So, next time you’ll have to break all his golf clubs in half!

Teo:  Yes.  I will do that and blame it on you!

Love it!  I love the playful banter and sense of humor that is oozing out of our son!!!

Cousin Freddie

We love hanging out with our dear relatives in Bolinas!  This summer, Teo got to spend lots of time with cousin Freddie (we missed cousin Shamari, as she was at camp on Coronodo Island).  Anyway, I laughed so hard one night as we were having dinner in Bolinas, Freddie was being very entertaining and Teo spells on his board…”Frederick often likens a madman.”  LOVE THIS!!

Have you “likened” anything lately?