About me

Hi! I am 12 years old or 150…it really doesn’t matter.  I am autistic and have been silent all my life.  A year ago, Mom found RPM and my life changed forever.  I can spell my thoughts on a letter board and Mom or TeamTeo (my other facilitators/teachers) writes them down (I have my own scribes!).  I’ve listened and observed everything for 12 years and boy, do I have some “professional-observer” insights for you!  Some are funny, others are thought-provoking and still others may blow your mind!

I love sharing ideas and answering questions about autism from my perspective.  Don’t freak out if I go a little “spiritual” on you…that is my life.  I’ll say it right now, Christ is my best friend.  He came to me when I asked God for a friend I could talk to in my silence…who would understand and accept me.

I respect your beliefs and choices and love listening to new ideas, so don’t fear this as a “conversion” blog!  Thanks for your interest in what I have to say!

Love,  Teo