To: Dr. Last and all members of the Collegiate Chorale at Luther College

From: Matteo Musso, age 13, autistic, pre-verbal
Matteo had just finished speaking to a class of Education students about autism, when two of the beautiful, big-hearted students from that class, invited him to listen in on the final rehearsal before the 2017 tour of the Luther College Collegiate Chorale. Matteo sat perfectly still the entire time and was mesmerized by what he heard. Then he wrote this lyric poem, one letter at a time, pointing to an alphabet stencil.
Title: I Sat and Listened
I sat and I listened but not just with my ears, for music is much more than sound.
I listened with my heart, my mind, my intelligence and my spirit…and oh, what an experience I had.
My heart leaped. My mind was quiet. My intelligence remembered and my spirit sang in silence with you.
I felt as if I’d released clouds that were cluttering my soul. The harmonic dissonance resolved in perfect synergy with my soul’s release of that which hampered the next step in my evolution.
Can you fathom the power of your musical gifts? 
I sat there and listened. But in truth, I experienced an emotional upheaval that inspired me to live life to its fullest amidst the challenges of my autism.
I thank you all for the emotional energy you expend while sharing your music. I feel each vibration. You never know how you can change a life by sharing your gifts.
I sat and listened. But even more, I sat there evolving with each note you sang.
Solo Deo Gloria
Your new musical fan and groupie,
Matteo Musso

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