Easter Message 2017

By Matteo Musso
Our world has a keeper. I feel His breath. “Can you give me your life?” he asks us. “I gave you mine to show my love for you and to exemplify true knowing of Heaven. I ask you to give your life to me but not in the same way. Be joyful, worry not, love others, accept one and all, know I live, seek the good always, laugh, uplift, meditate, breathe, care for each other and the earth. In doing these things, you are mine.”
The cross has served as a symbol of Christianity for thousands of years. I wonder why it has to separate us from other lovers of God? Christ did not intend to cause dissension, but rather to bring us all to God. That was His mission. Man chose to let his ego and need to be right cause the separation of religions. This Easter what if we Christians chose to wear our crosses as a symbol of loving and knowing God? Not as a symbol setting us apart from Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist people, or any other defined belief system? How would the energy shift? Judgements could vanish and be replaced by unity! Our scrutiny of others could be replaced with acceptance! Our self-righteous indignation could be replaced with humbleness! Wow…imagine THAT world!
Close your eyes and see it. What would be in the news? It would certainly look different than it does today. Let’s all visualize it and KNOW that God and Christ can do anything!
The crosses we see can be made out of anything. Some are old and some are new.
Some are jeweled and cost a lot of money but some are simply pieces of wood tied together, or even sticks. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Notice that they all intersect at a point in the middle and that is the strongest point of the cross.
God is very clever in his messages and has had help from man in developing them in such a variety of ways. These man-made crosses all over the world continue to intersect in the middle.
I’ve listened and heard the truth. When the cross is worn or seen as a teaching of God’s word, we are unified, not divided. If the cross isn’t connected somehow in the middle, it becomes just two separate sticks. Christ became the glue or rope that holds the two pieces together.
Hear this please..
Come to me, God said to humanity
And I will love you til eternity.
Will you except me on the earth?
I restored your souls through Christ’s own birth.
Call me by any name that’s love 
and I will listen from above.
Holy God, Universe, Energy or Christ
They all are me, not one’s just right.
I must remind my children now
To judge and fight is just not how
To live as we agreed you’d live
This life’s about just how to give.
Just give? you ask, that’s all I do?
Shouldn’t I receive some too?
My child, my dear, what you must learn
That its by giving that you earn.
Give of your gifts, your means, your time,
Give of your life, your love, your mind.
That will be a wonderful start
As you strive to give your heart.
This Easter time let us reflect
Those things we’ve hidden, chose to neglect.
Open minds and open hearts
Christ on the cross is where this starts.
Happy Easter to the world! It is for everyone!
Love, Teo

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