After whale watching trip on Maui…

I’d like to write about my experience on the catamaran.
So I sat there, consumed by my chicken wings, perfectly happy and at peace on the boat. Then all the sudden it happened. Whales emerged from the ocean like mountains emerge from the sea. The difference is one emerged in an instant, and the other over millions of years. Which is more magnificent? Let’s ponder…
Well mother, well baby,
Thank you for your bravery.
Traveling far, under the sea,
What a gift you came to me.
Mounting, mountain, where is your mom?
I long to climb you, big and strong.
You must be brave to stand alone,
Here I come, you feel like home.
How to compare these two dumbfound
The naturalist in each of us, I’ve found.
Both are alive and still evolving,
Man’s souls still crave that which they’re solving.
Whales played and breathed and slapped and breached,
The site was what God’s always preached.
Love, protect, accept and know
My love rains down to you below.
May you enjoy the whales from me
And learn from them about being free.
There is a price being free does have,
Love, trust and knowing, must forecast.
So what I mean by that, we know,
Our lives on earth are so we’ll grow.
Just like the whales breech to the sky,
My love reaches you and will til nigh.
So if you breach even as man
Let my love enter, it truly can.
Let nature teach what you must know
Let love encompass you, then grow.

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