May I say, surfing in the ocean of Hawaii is magical. It was like opening yourself up to God and letting his grace into your soul and heart. Can’t acquire it without experiencing it first. To watch surfers crevasse these majestic waves of nature is inspiring and awesome. To ride a wave your self, with a confident friend like Zak Howard, is akin to doing that which you never dreamed could happen to you. Dream surfing came true for me today and my heart sings.

Dream Surfing
Can you come and play my friend?
Can I tempt you to live an inner dream?
Step off the shore and come to me.
I will protect your body while thrilling your soul.
Do I frighten you my friend?
My sounds can be mighty and my force can get fierce,
But that is not today, my friend.
Today I am rolling
and each time I fold, I give you a gift. 
Do you want to open me and truly feel what I am?
God wrapped me this morning for you, my friend.
Energy builds up slowly then surprises your senses with the ride of your life.
Can you come and play my friend?
Enter the water. 
I will come to you.

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