SF Symphony, concerts for kids

Thank you for the beautiful birthday gift my friend Jimmy. Only wish that with us. I hope you’re feeling better!  I wrote this letter to the conductor and musicians. Enjoy.


Dear Mr. Reif,

I am Matteo Musso, a 13 year old guy with autism. I attended the Concert for Kids today with my mom, my friend Nickolay, and his mom. Until about 12 years ago I was silent, but I can now express myself spelling one letter at a time on a simple alphabet stencil. Mom takes dictation and has learned this amazing approach to communicate with me. I have so much locked up inside and it likes to ooze out best through poetry. I thought I’d write a poem to you and the musicians about my experience today at the concert.

Soul Bathing

Thankful notes released from the pages of music, found each other and collaborated in my ears. The sounds that were created kissed my soul. Remember the first breath of spring as the flowers opened up their faces and smiled at the sun? Or a walk in the redwoods after a spring time rain when the air is crisp and the oxygen so pure? Your music today accosted my senses and radiated joy throughout my being. Gone are the days of my oversensitive sensory system and my soul rejoices. Notes are allowed to enter me and fill my spirit once again. Happiness, joy, thrill, dance, smile, relax, absorb and nourish…these are words of the music you gave to me today. Thank you for speech that transcends human barriers and penetrates the life of this kid. Your talents shared today was a peaceful bath for my soul.  

Matteo’s definition of music:

Music is nourishment for our souls with different vibrational speeds and frequencies intersecting to affect us emotionally. Different ones and combinations affect us differently and depends on our own simple caring each day. It also depends on our openness to let it affect us.  

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