Happy Thanksgiving!

11/23/16 A Thanksgiving Wish For Those I Love

Today is a day set aside to notice that for which we are thankful.  An interesting idea, to say the least, to make a day for this.  

I hope that as we remember Squanto we can learn from him.  He was captured by explorers and taken as a hostage to a foreign place, leaving loved ones and all that was familiar to him. He was often treated poorly but also experienced extreme kindness. He was finally returned to his home only to find his entire tribe was wiped out from disease. He was in interpreter between Native Americans and pilgrims. He also taught pilgrims how to farm and spread peace by developing treaties so all could get along.  

How can we take Squanto’s lead this Thanksgiving? Love those who hurt us and pray for them. Learn valuable lessons from unexpected changes in our lives. Give the blessings of you to benefit the lives of others. Teach by example…words are overrated. Notice the blessings in everything and every situation. They are always there for those who seek them. Love more and let joy endorphins flood your body.  
Here’s a little poem for you…
Love, joy, food and thanks, may all be present here

Playing our games of reckless praise, so loud that all may hear.

Raising up our joyful hearts not only on this day

But taking time to notice gifts that you have sent our way.
When we sit down to eat this meal please open up our hearts

To hear each other even more and love as one, not parts.

For single parts are OK for now and live alone, they can

But many creatures were formed to blend, and one of those is man.
When each ingredient is added, so precisely to the bowl

Then mixed and stirred up by the chef, a creation will unfold.

Some may require baking and others marinating

But rest assured, my loved ones dear, final products are worth the waiting.
Single ingredients are curious, I’m sure you may have noticed

Some taste sour and some taste sweet, bitter, salty, chunky, treat.

Alone they cannot make a meal, nor a single dish

Together though, they make new things, complete with this kid’s wish.
May everyone today feel loved, accepted for who they are,

An ingredient whose gifts contribute specialties by far.

May we each choose to notice, the blessings in our lives

And make the biggest gourmet cake, allowing each to thrive.
May God bless each and every one of you today and always.

Love, Your Friend and Unique Ingredient, Teo

Fun preparing at Auntie Juliet’s and a Uncle Chris’s house in Sacramento!

I love my cuz, Shamari!

Auntie Juliet and I hugged so much that we fell in the bushes!

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