Teo’s Yoga Birthday Party!

Teo’s Yoga Birthday Party!

I want to make it known that I am the luckiest kid in the world.   I enjoyed my birthday party this year more than ever! My friends made my birthday extra special. So precious are my memories made today and they shall have a special place in my mind and heart.


The morning came as it always does with hope and excitement for my continued journey. Except today arrived amidst the anticipation I had carried for a month…the day I’d get to share special energy awareness with my friends. Birthdays past have always centered on the cake for me but for the first time, sugar was not the star of the show. My energy party asked my friends to come to my inner world, if only for a few minutes and they were willing to try for me. That’s a greater gift than any kid could ask for.

God has given me my new life this year. “Let every kid feel like I did today, at least once in their lifetime,” I asked Him tonight. Love harnessed joy for me today and my heart sings a happy tune!

Thank you my friends, Mom and Dad, and Deanna, the great yogi.

I love you all.

Teo the Teenager

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