Teo’s Halloween Poem

A Halloween Story
Oooh, Ahhhh, Eeeee, 

It is Halloween night,

Kids out getting candy

And often quite a fright.
I went out

Trick or treating with my friends,

I wish this was the night

That never, ever ends.
Mom wore a witches hat

That was colored orange and black.

I was Harry Potter, with my

Hogwarts robe upon my back.
I felt the magic all night long

From my house down the block,

And back again I made it home

Before it’s eight o’clock.
I still could go for hours more

From house to house to get,

Milky Ways and Kit Kats, too

And Tootsies, don’t forget!
But I shall not be greedy, no

That is not quite my style,

Something is calling me right now

Right there, from my pile.
Mom and Dad think it’s enough

To eat only those five,

The thing that they don’t understand

Is that chocolate keeps me alive!
So I must resort to sneaky ways

Of sustaining human life,

The refrigerator in the back

Keeps me from all strife.
I’ll see you soon sweet chocolate treat

Dad put you in the fridge,

You did nothing wrong, do not feel sad

I’ll eat you inch by inch.
Good night sweet treats, I love you so

Sleep well until tomorrow,

At which time I’ll eat you more,

Without guilt or sorrow!

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