More Love Than Hate

Teo and I were doing a lesson on 9/11 today.  We discussed many aspects of this day that many of us remember as if it was yesterday.  He wrote the following message…

9/12/16       More Love Than Hate

I meet perceptions from videos and stories about the day we were attacked and I surmise that man alone did this. Under the guise of hate, they came to us with their misguided beliefs unveiled through horror. Lost were thousands among us that day, planting seeds of sadness throughout our nation. Young and old, race and beliefs, occupation and status, male and female… these things that often divide us were all united in non-discriminatory acts of violence. The hate did not discriminate. Hate insures equality among its victims. Love reassured its power that day. It too, does not discriminate. Love has the unique ability to multiply exponentially. Hate must churn slowly in cauldrons by those who choose it

We saw it happen before our eyes that day, love’s growth and expansion. Humanity around our country and the world united in compassion, action, heroism, prayer, awareness and resolve. Find it today in yourself. How will you share it in a non-discriminatory way? Brainstorm for one minute in silence. Do you have a pattern in your love? Give it today to someone who is lost or outside your comfort circle. That’s the exponent in our algebraic equation of life.

Hate did not win on September 11, 2001. More love grew that day than ever before. Let’s honor the lives lost from this earth that day with exponents of love and compassion. Their legacy continues to make this world a strong beacon of love. There is no cauldron big enough to destroy love that is in our hearts.

-Matteo Musso

age 11, autistic

One thought on “More Love Than Hate”

  1. Love IS the answer, dear Teo, and your reminder in this beautiful piece about 9/11 is wonderful. “Spread Joy…to everyone you meet” – a Natalie Sleeth song I love that you sing everyday to each of us. Blessings to you and your Lydia


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