7/18/16           Charles Ives – Concord Piano Sonata

Matteo listened to this piano piece after we studied the spiritual life of Charles Ives.  Then he wrote this lyric poem to the music he heard…I suggest reading it from 3 perspectives:  from a musical perspective (if you listen to the piece on YouTube), a global perspective and from an autistic perspective.  It’s meaning may surprise you each time!

“Adjectives:   Intensity, challenging, talking voices

Treat them with respect and they sing together. Discordance prevails when respect is a forgotten jewel. Listen to the quiet times, as there can be gentle disagreement without discordance. The crowds shout their angry surprises begging to be heard among the mass of similarity. Rescue the few who bring light into a world casting shadows. Talk to one another, unless the music is too loud. In that case, we have no choice but to sing. The world needs all of its musical notes to compose its masterpieces. Remember, that rests are just as important.”

– Matteo Musso

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