Acrostic Poetry from 2015

June 18, 2015

Poetry by Teo

Acrostic Poem

(Where the first letters of each line spell out a word, vertically)

Teo chose the word HAPPY.

H   Hello there, think Sara.

A   Are you getting energy?

P   People are not energy-wise.

P   Pleasing to us is energy that is love, understand?

Y   Yell it from the mountaintop!

Haiku Poem

(line 1=5 syllables, line 2=7 syllables, line 3=5 syllables)


I love son Teo

He brings light and love to us.

We are blessed parents.


Kisses are here now.

All of you get some kisses.

Love you Mom and Dad.


(Usually begins with, “There once was a…lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme w/ each other)


There once was a boy named Matteo

Who ate French fries made of potato.

He ate them all up

Then drank from his cup

Then wanted more lessons on Plato.


There once was a little boy named Teo

Who at history ate a tomato.

Yesterday because

Energy it was,

So that energy changed his day-o.

To Dad for Father’s Day…

Dad Loves Me

There once was you in energy

Some played golf in scenery.

I know you so well

A likening I shall

Energy for golf has Dad, likely.

Love you,


Lyric Poem

(expresses personal/emotional feelings.  Every two lines rhyme.  It can be any length)


The air was fresh and clear

We went not far from here.

The ocean with its roaring

The seagulls with their soaring.

The people with their love

Could only come from above.

We are so very blessed

To have love, peace and rest.


Ask me not about food

Goodness takes such bood.

Mom is more than time

She hasn’t got a dime.

All Rowland has is helping

A great deal is yelping.

Among us is a happy boy

And in us is more joy.

Hope is all I have now

Mom is happy crow now.

Money has Team Teo taken

And given to make him.

Love is not beckoning

Love is already happening.

Love happens when a life is changed

Kissed from a dear God arranged.

Kept,  a life has formed again

Love is a blessing, love never ends.

Acrostic Poem about Claire

To Claire, Love Matteo

Called life in California now.

L  Like all nights in houses are helping

(later, Teo added, “Now the interesting thing is that Claire shows a helping energy)

A  A love for autistics shines through you.

I   I am happy I know you.

R  Remember Mom and notice energy.

E  Even in times of sadness, God is with us.  Open the people to this.

Acrostic Poem about Sara
S  Sara is a lovely girl.

A  Ask me story about Sara.

R  Reality about Sara is fun goddess.

A  Around me please for a long time.

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