Andre Bocelli Concert! PLEASE READ!

FullSizeRender (1)T:  I’d like to say that looking at people last night was so fun.  I enjoyed the concert so much last night.

Mom:  What was your favorite part?

T:  Much about it was best.  Having a date with Mom all dressed up was special.  All the singers and musicians were so talented.  The choir was neat hidden back there.

( I must add the quick conversation we had yesterday morning…T:  Mom, are we going to a concert tonight?  Mom:  Yes, to hear Andre Bocelli!  T:  Does that mean we get to go out for dinner beforehand?  I’d like to take you to dinner with my allowance money.”  Needless to say, I had the most beautiful dinner of my life with my 12 year old dinner date.)

Mom:  If you were a music critic, what would you say about the concert last night?

T:  “Last night I heard something extraordinary in Andre Bocelli.  Love flowed out of one of God’s most beautifully created instruments…Andre’s angelic voice.  A strong representation of how God’s gifts can be used to transform the soul were displayed all evening.  Andre Bocelli exemplifies graciousness to God, kindness through demeanor and reverence of heart.

As a pre-verbal autistic 12 year old boy, I admire the way this man adjusted to life, not succumbing to any limitations that blindness may present, but nurturing God’s gifts in his other senses.  He has reminded me to nurture my strengths while living in a society not yet equipped to totally accept autistics.  Nurturing God’s gifts can change world-wide perceptions, even more so when used by those who climb higher mountains.

Thank you Mr. Bocelli, for nurturing my soul with your music and inspiring me to climb to the highest mountaintop singing my own song of acceptance for autistics.”

God Bless you,



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