Math w/ Lenae…creating UNDERSTANDING, not just getting the right answer!

Hi Everyone,  It’s Annette (Teo’smom) here.  When we began RPM a year ago, Lenae asked Teo a series of math questions just to help us decide where we should begin with math lessons.  He cruised through the basics and ended up at algebra.  He’s since progressed to calculus and trigonometry.  He excels in math and physics concepts.  He was brave enough to admit last week that he can come up with answers to math problems but isn’t always clear about how he got them.  So, I asked Lenae to back up and review some basics…as simple as saying a 3 digit number out loud.  This presents a new challenge on a basic math concept…actually speaking .  He had a tough time with it.  He could DO it but I could tell it was uncomfortable. The next series of pictures shows how Lenae explained this concept.  He’s a whiz now!!  Just shows us that IT’S NOT A MATTER OF WHAT OUR KIDS ARE CAPABLE OF LEARNING, but rather, WHAT THEY LEARN IS DEPENDENT ON THE WAY ITS TAUGHT!!!  Thx Teo, for reminding all of us!  YOU ROCK and I love you!!!

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