Teo’s Church Talk during Autism Awareness Month

4/14/16   Church Talk this Sunday


Mom: Do you have any idea what you want to talk about in church this Sunday?

T: You are the young sharer of autism news at church.


Theme: Autism as a spiritual way of life.


I am Matteo Musso and I am autistic. Can you believe that I chose to be autistic? Well, when I was about two years old, I lost my ability to talk, to look at you and became sensitive to just about everything. Some of you remember this. I certainly do. God asked me if I’d be willing to help autistics in this world. What was I going to say? No, I actually was honored and said yes. I had no idea what was in store for me. I suppose I should have found a way to ask Mom and Dad’s permission, as this is quite a major decision, but I couldn’t at 15 months old. I figured that Christ had them covered anyway. Then came the isolation, loneliness, weird reactions to favorite foods, scary spinning in my head, loud constant noises no one else seemed to hear and constant judgement from others who seemed to think I screamed just to bug people or to get what I wanted. And worst of all, the sadness of Mom and Dad. “Hey God”, I’d say in silence. “What’s up with this? I offered to help but you didn’t tell me the details.” Well, it was too late to back out. Besides, I promised and committed to do this. So, after life settled into a rhythm, I succumbed to being autistic.


The worst part is that people don’t understand autistics at all. Doctors, teachers, psychologists, parents (no offense intended to anyone), no one gets us because they’ve never been autistic. Just imagine having millions of ideas and information to share but no one spoke your language. Then you were labeled mentally retarded because you didn’t speak their language. Then you were put in a classroom to learn to tie shoes, play mind-numbing games and obey strict rules that made no sense. HELP! I cried to my friend, Christ. This can’t be my life purpose!! I am your messenger, your servant, your friend walking here on Earth.


Mom’s eyes were opened to RPM and that was my miracle one year ago.


I propose to you that autism is not a “disorder” of any type, but rather a spiritual way of living. How do you medically study a spiritual existence? Yes, we have challenges that can be helped by different therapies but I’ll tell you something. Since I talked to God about my challenges, he’s changed my life and that of others around me. I asked for a friend I could talk to in my silence, and he gave me Christ. Christ is my buddy and constant friend. I highly suggest you carve out some time for silence each day because that’s when Christ really becomes your best buddy. Take it from a silence professional – it works! He loves attention from us. Not in an arrogant human way, but because he has so much to teach us about loving each other here on Earth. Decide to make this a priority and your life will be changed forever.


I am not silent

Be heard my soul.

With faith project

Your loving goal.

Say what you will

Through my silent voice

Your lessons learned

By them through choice.

You are my friend,

My love, my hope.

Through you we can

With all things cope.


Yours in Silence,


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