Watching the Surfers

5.7.16     Watching the Surfers…Evening

We were supposed to go on a cocktail cruise on a catamaran this evening, but the waves are too crazy, so it got cancelled. We returned to our condo, enjoyed a nice glass of Chardonnay and watched the surfing show which was going on right outside our porch! Wow…AMAZING!

Of course, this inspired Matteo to write a lyric poem…


Big surf beckons those whose souls called to ride.

God, restless to heed their call, He graces them with a rush and inner thrill reminding them that they are alive.

For those of us who watch, awe and inner peace melt together in a feeling of wonder.

Crash! Slam! The waves crescendo like the most beautiful symphony, romantic and appealing to even the harshest of critics.

The world applauds and promises to care for these musicians and the entire orchestra, so that generations to come may hear this song and feel it’s healing energy.


– Matteo


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