Welcome to Teo’s new blog!

We hope you enjoy following our journey through autism as much as we are enjoying it ourselves!  Our lives are forever changed as we have been blessed this year with an ability to communicate with our son after 12 years through the use or the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM).     RPM Soma website    We post Teo’s poetry, thoughts on different subjects, answers to submitted questions (he LOVES to talk about how it feels to be autistic or how his brain processes information.  FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT QUESTIONS!).  We’ll also post videos of his public Q and A sessions and his lesson with Lenae, his RPM teacher and his other facilitators.  I, as his mother, do not edit his thoughts, vocabulary, etc…Please enjoy!  Remember, he’s only 12 years old so please keep your comments positive and encouraging.  Teo is a young man with a Mission…to be a voice for autistics who have yet to find a way to communicate their thoughts and to (in his words…) “spread the truth about autism.”  Thanks for visiting us!



5 thoughts on “Welcome to Teo’s new blog!”

  1. He is the most fascinating kid ever. The poems he wrote for Dick Wedge and his other thoughts about Dick blew my mind! He has an incredible mind for a 12 year old.


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