Teo and Ethan-Beach Skit

The boys had a joint session with Lenae and wrote a skit.

Characters:  Matteo’s character is named Henry

Ethan’s character is named Redy

Scene:  E:  Not inside.  At the beach.

T:  Balls all over sand.

E:  Mom’s are watching.

Henry:  The day is hot.

Redy:  I hate the heat.  Let’s swim in the ocean.

Henry:  OK, but I hear there are sharks.

Redy:  What the heck?  I am not going to believe that!

Henry:  You’ll be sorry.  Trust me, the girls are not so lucky.  They were killed last night by sharks.

Redy:  Nice try!  You are lying like crazy.  I am going in now.

Henry:  You are silly.  Ball games are more fun.  I am not a liar.

Redy:  You play ball.  I will swim.

Henry:  Your loss.  Nice knowing you.

(Redy runs to the water and jumps in)

Redy:  You liar!   This is no ocean, it is fake!  Just a little puddle!

Henry:  Well then, let’s play ball.

Redy:  No, I am done with the heat.  You play ball and I am not so stupid as to play short fear.

Henry:  I am kidding, just play ball.

Redy:  OK, deal.

(Henry and Redy play ball)



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