Now, mind you, Teo’s brain works as such that he doesn’t have to do repetitive lessons to understand a concept.  He learns the concept quickly and is able to generalize it immediately.  So, in teaching math, for instance, he doesn’t need to have worksheets with multiple problems so he can “practice the concept.”   It’s in there…he gets it and thus, thinks homework is a little silly.

With that in mind, enjoy the beginnings of Teo’s satirical essay about homework.  Please realize this is satire and not meant to offend any of you beloved teacher friends of ours.

Brainstorming about topics for the essay:

Teo:  Homework is not helpful to parents.

Homework is busy work.

Homework is for principal to do.

Homework is a destroyer of fun.

Life is about home and family.

Homework is for missing minds in school.

Homework is “in the cloud” thinking.

We didn’t really get to the actual essay but instead, Teo wanted to write a short story about homework…

“Homework is so lame,”  said Sue to her teacher.

“What the heck!”  said her teacher.  “Have you considered why I give you homework?”

“Heck no!”  said Sue.

“Well,nice thought without thinking.  You get more homework,” said the teacher.

“Case in point,”  said Sue.

“I am calling your mother,” said the teacher.  “I am so done with your little trick.”

The teacher ran from the room.

“Can’t stand these kids!” screamed the teacher.

Sue laughed.  Then Sue hit the desk with her hand.  Her git of a teacher walked in.

“If I hear one more laugh I will give more homework!” screeched the teacher.  “I am not to be bullied!”

“I am not bullying you,” said Sue.  “You’re not being fair so my mom is not going to make me do  it!”

Then the sound of horses came.

“Happy day,” said Mark to Sue.

“Well, who cares if the building is on fire?” said Sue.  “No more homework!”

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