Bolinas Poems

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.  Where did the summer go?   Was there really a month of August?  Anyway, I’ll try to bring you up do date with the latest “Teo-isms” and antics over the next few days.  Let’s start with the acrostic poems Teo wrote as “thank you” notes to my sister and brother-in-law for letting us stay with them in Bolinas so Teo could attend camp.  Also, he made one for his cousin, Frederick, who accompanied him to camp.

B  Bolinas just calms me.

O  Opens me up so I can give.

L  Love you people, my family.

I  I am happy right here.

N  Now I move here.

A  Are you really good?

S  Seeds of love are planted.

F  Freddie is my dear cousin.

R  Raindrop, life descends.

E  Energy decides to be happy.

D  Dance in the rain.

D  Don’t forget I love you.

I  I am your little groupie.

E  Energy is right for love.

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