Anne and Jeff’s House in Mn

We were in Zumbrota, MN visiting my college roommate Anne, and her family.  Her husband, Jeff (really called, “Effy”) spent the day with Teo in his woodshop.  They made a gorgeous keepsake box!  It was such a special afternoon.  Teo learned a lot, was fascinated by all the machinery and Jeff’s skills both as a wood craftsman and as a teacher.  Then, we were sitting around talking about Teo’s upcoming talk at the church in which I was raised.  Teo was going to have a round-table discussion, so this is the brainstorming session about topics for that discussion…

Q:  What should we talk about at church?

T:  I think a topic of God would be appropriate.

Q:  What do you want your opening statement to be?

T:  To acknowledge that God rests in us.

Q:  Now what…define autism?

T:  Yes.  Autism is not a neurological condition but rather a spiritual energy.

Anne:   When are you going to write your book?

T:  I am deciding how much to reveal right now.

Anne:  Hey Matteo, you’re amazing and I’ve always known that.

T:  Good Anne.  Please keep it up.

Mom:   Can you see why I had fun living with Anne for 3 years?

T:  Kind of silly times, I’d imagine.

T:  God is kind of like spiritual energy on steroids.  To add to this, kind of like you, Mom, not like staying stagnant.  God is always moving and shaking things up.

Mom:  Are you saying that I do that?

T:  Yes.  I am you.  All the reasons I am like I am revolve around you.

Mom:  Why are you giving me so much credit?

T:  Christ gave me to you.

Anne:  What would you like the people at church to know about you?

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